Your kids are older and your years as a primary carer seem nearly complete... NOW it feels like it's your turn... and your body's saying YES please!

Midlife is a powerful time of transition when you can no longer put your own needs aside to look after everyone else first. You know that if you want to stay vital and in service in the world the way you really want to, you'll need to take better care of yourself. 

You know you're capable of so much more and midlife is the time you can no longer deny it.

This is the beginning of your most potent time of life, a time to share your wisdom and be clear about living in alignment with your own values.

You know it's your time to shine... to share your gifts and create that business or book or creative work you've been to busy to do before. You're just not willing to give yourself away on auto-pilot anymore and miss your chance. 

Have you been pondering these?

Do you feel an urgency sometimes about making more meaning out of all you've experienced?

Do you dream of being able to pass on what you've come to understand, do you feel compelled to tell stories and contribute?

Do you suspect it's time to share your gifts but not sure how to go about living your mission?

Perhaps do you want to create a mission business, or feel a strong sense of purpose but maybe not sure where to start or who you'd serve?

Do you feel a longing for more rest in your life and more time for art and creativity?

Do you feel tired more often these days and not so inspired with the same old same old. Do you need some fun and a bit more self care in the mix?

Do you feel frustrated at times with people and old situations that feel restrictive for you now?

Have the comfortable situations that have served you in the past come to occur to you as smaller and less comfortable now than you want? Is it time to shake things up?

Do you suspect there's some grief you tucked away some time ago that you needs your understanding?

Do you feel as if the grief you thought you were strong enough to carry is now wanting your care and attention so you can live more deeply with the gifts it has to show you?

How can Coaching support you?

  • Self Care practices for both mind and body

  • Space to mourn and to celebrate

  • Guidance to build your mission in alignment with your values

  • New rituals to value your time and connect with your needs

  • Support as you transition and put your heart to work on what really matters to you


Annie Holcolmbe

"This course shifts the paradigm of what it means to really self care and transform your life with self love. This work has revolutionised my personal and professional life" 

Lynne Barrington

"So much value in the course modules and the sessions with Karen. I particularly enjoy having the Self Care Pathway to take home and practice"

Cat Bailey

"I can honestly hear myself saying more compassionate things to me since I did coaching with Karen. It's really helped me in my work and my life in general."

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