You're insisting with friends that NOW is the time to finally take a stand for yourself. You can't wait any longer.

You have a fire inside that's been burning to create. You want to write, speak, play and dance to your own song. You want to get out in the arena, live the life you know you could be, without guilt or self-sabotage. You've been quiet too long. Now is the time to write your own life story consciously. Now is the time to deepen your self care, your self respect and self belief to have the energy you really need to fly. No more hiding.

You know what you're capable of and it frightens you as well as excites you.

You just want to be showing up as YOU, in your strength and authenticity without freaking out. You know you're enough just as you are but the thought of really going public with your message and your heart on your sleeve scares you. You want the confidence to be part of the new generation of leaders who are showing up not willing to give themselves away on auto-pilot anymore.

You want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

You have already done personal development and you know that the deeper answers are within you. You want an experienced guide now to take you further than your own imagination can conceive of.

It's time to meet the parts of you that need you the most... with self empathy

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